L&H Industrial, Inc.

Added October 30th, 2012 – Written by Kim Kittel of the Wyoming Business Council

Client Profile
L&H Industrial, Inc.
Gillette, WY
250 employees
Family Owned Business

L&H Industrial, Inc., manufactures aftermarket parts for the mining industry. Recently, however, the mining industry has slowly declined production reducing L&H Industrial’s profits and slowing their growth path. Since Manufacturing-Works and L&H Industrial have had an ongoing business relationship for the past 13 years, M-W was once again contacted to see if a solution could be found.

Manufacturing-Works suggested sales training with a long time partner Tom Reilly. Since L&H Industrial had attended two-day workshops conducted by M-W and Tom Reilly in the past, Reilly’s new Master’s Program was recommended. This Masters Program is an intense five-day submersion into the principles of selling on value not on price. The Masters Training took place on site in Gillette, Wyo., in March 2012. Thirty employees including management, sales teams, and engineers were trained.

Understanding how to compete on value and not price has been hugely beneficial to L&H Industrial. Three months after company employees completed the Tom Reilly Masters Program L&H reached an all-time record for sales in one month ($11 million). Overall sales revenue has increased 17 percent this year. Net profit for the year has also increased from 6% to 8%. This increase in sales has not only increased L&H Industrial’s sales pipeline, but has allowed them to regain their growth goal, move forward on opening a new facility, and land a $14 million project with a federal agency.

“Tom Reilly Training has changed the way L&H Industrial approaches its business,” Jeff Wandler, L&H vice president said. “It has become a culture in our company to add value. The Masters Program has reinforced this culture and not only reset and reminded us of value added, but took it to a new level with the improved focus and new training. We sent all our engineers, coordinators, salesmen, and managers through this and we believe it was a good investment to enhance our culture and keep us profitable.”