We have professionals positioned throughout Wyoming to better serve your business.

David Bell – PhD, PE

Center Director

Gustave Anderson

Assistant Director of Business Development & Operations

Nancy F. Fallas

Assistant Director of Finance and Internal Operations

Jennifer Moll

Account and Project Manager

Kassi Trujillo-Sullivan

Account and Project Manager – Sheridan

James Lee

Account and Project Manager – Cheyenne

Bruce Brown, CPA, MBA

Financial Specialist

Kevin Kershisnik, PE

Field Engineer

Lloyd Marsden

Engineering Consultant

Marty Occhi


Marko Ruble

International Trade Consultant

Tommy Stypula PE

Engineering Consultant

Ed Werner

Energy Specialist

Eric Werner

Engineering Intern

Jasmine Calbert

Business Intern

Brandon Gomes

Business Intern

Travis Dooley

Mechanical Engineer Intern