Equipment Maintenance Services (EMS), founded in 1981, provides support in manufacturing products for the mining and electric utility industries. The company provides a full-array of armatures and other customized parts as part of a machining operation that replaces OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts with more reliable and long lasting products. The company’s Gillette, Wyoming facility employs 66 people.

EMS was facing a downturn of the economy along with decreased support for the energy industry. The company contacted Manufacturing-Works, a NIST MEP affiliate, to help revitalize their sales and marketing efforts.

Manufacturing-Works linked EMS with a partner affiliate, Tom Reilly, president and founder of Tom Reilly Training. Tom provided training and workforce services in the form of sales classes to the company’s key staff. As a result of Manufacturing-Works’ assistance, EMS reduced costs with the revamping of their marketing/sales department and new sales techniques.
Increased sales by $2M
Reduced costs by $50,000
Created 3 jobs
Retained 3 jobs

“Manufacturing-Works once again provided us invaluable training in marketing and sales allowing us to make significant gains in our market share and profit margins by finding the right venues for promoting our product lines. Even with the continuing changes to the economy we are certain we will continue to make significant gains in our market place based on the agility and application techniques we were taught.”
Todd Colbrese, CEO/General Manager