Westech, Inc., established in 1938, services with mining,oil and gas, and construction industries and many respected OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) including the production of a revolutionary new truck body system. Westech employs 185 people at its facility in Casper, Wyoming.

Westech made the strategic decision to implement Lean throughout their operations and wanted an approach which would allow them to schedule sessions, revise, have continuous improvement opportunities and have a long term commitment with a professional organization that supports manufacturing and heavy industry. The company sought assistance from Manufacturing-Works, a NIST MEP affiliate.

Manufacturing-Works trained several employees of Westech in Lean 101 and set the stage for future involvement with Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen as the company matures in that direction and needs additional support. As a result of Manufacturing-Works’ assistance, Westech has put together a team of Lean champions who are driving Kaizen events and eliminating waste within all areas of the company.

Projected savings of $3.2M

“Even though our journey is in its infancy, we fully intend to tap many of the resources Manufacturing-Works has to offer and have them continue training new employees as we grow. Their professionalism, flexibility and knowledge in Lean manufacturing will help us to succeed. It’s a privilege to work with these individuals.”
Shane J. Fox CMA, Vice President of Finance