Windcreek Services, Inc., established in 1978, began as a well drilling company developing shallow oil wells, as well as domestic water wells. Over the years it has diversified into oilfield electrical fabrication and underground utility manufacturing and placement. Windcreek Services employs 50 people at its facility in Gillette, Wyoming.

Windcreek Services was seeing a steady decline in projects due to the reduction of coal bed methane work and the slowing economy. In addition, the management team had been unable to define a plan and vision for the future and to eliminate the current dilemma. The company contacted Manufacturing-Works, a NIST MEP affiliate, for assistance.

Manufacturing-Works encouraged several employees of the company to attend the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI) in Casper, Wyoming. At this institute, the team acquired the tools to create, communicate, and commercialize meaningful, unique ideas. They also learned how to implement an action plan to follow through on their ideas. The action plan was implemented following a new process for determining and overcoming the largest barriers quickly and easily and with confidence derived from their newly acquired skills and thought processes. This plan-do-study-act process allowed the company to make some decisions, test them, and rapidly move in the directions that made the most sense to implement in a short time at a limited cost. Windcreek Services introduced the Asset Recovery System (ARS) to remove existing utility infrastructure and components that are no longer needed and/or no longer in use or serviceable in their particular location. Windcreek Services now helps clients collect additional value on investment, minimize plugging and abandonment costs by recovering, removing and/or selling obsolete, scrape, surplus or waste materials. In addition to providing a safer outdoor environment, itemized inventory lists and revenue from sellable material, the process also minimizes material cost and liabilities while strengthening the client’s environmental positioning.

Increased sales by $1.4 million in 6 months
Projected yearly sales increase of $2.6 million

“Over the years we’ve had many great ideas, yet little results. IELI gave us real tools and the courage to bring new ideas to fruition in a very practical manner.”
Max Wilen, Chief Financial Officer