Alliance of Wyoming Manufacturers

The Alliance of Wyoming Manufacturers (AWM) is a small membership organization focused on providing a positive voice for the manufacturing industries in Wyoming on legislative and regulatory matters that impact the business climate.

How does the AWM help Wyoming manufacturers?

In its efforts to help the manufacturing industry thrive in Wyoming and compete in regional, national and global markets, the AWM has been able to thwart legislative attempts to place more burdensome taxes and regulations on the industry.

Key issues continually monitored by the AWM include:

Taxation of manufacturing equipment capital investment

  • Preservation and extension of the sales tax exemption for the purchase of equipment used in the manufacturing process
  • Other tax-related issues

State and local regulation that impacts manufacturers

  • Employment regulations
  • Environmental regulations and compliance issues
  • Workforce development and training regulations and incentives
  • Workplace safety and OSHA regulations

What do AWM members do?

The collective voice of manufacturers has been instrumental in putting forth the message that Wyoming manufacturing needs to remain competitive and that targeted taxation on this industry will stifle economic growth and diversification and the tax revenue and job creation that come with it.

AWM needs your help to ensure they can continue to share that message with legislators and state leaders.

Why join the AWM now?

The tax revenue picture for Wyoming is still in crisis. But the level of legislative panic has subsided a bit temporarily due to federal stimulus money and a much more robust oil and gas development and price environment.

This current infusion of money will be short-lived, and some legislators will once again be pounding at the door of all businesses, including manufacturers, seeking to raise tax revenue on the backs of businesses rather than do anything to inject more balance in our tax structure.

Working with Manufacturing Works, the National Association of Manufacturers and other trade and business advocacy organizations, the AWM will continue the effort to protect the manufacturing industry in Wyoming from the negative impacts of misguided industry and job-killing legislation.

Consider joining your fellow manufacturers as a member of the AWM, allowing the AWM to continue to support this important industry and the contributions manufacturers like you make to a better Wyoming.

Annual AWM membership investment

The annual membership investment for the Alliance of Wyoming Manufacturers is based on the annual sales of the member company

Annual Sales: Under $1 Million

Annual Membership Investment: $500/yr.

Annual Sales: $1 Million to $4,999,999

Annual Membership Investment: $1,000/yr.

Annual Sales: $5 Million and above

Annual Membership Investment: $2,000/yr.

Provisional Membership for Start-Up Companies (Under 2 Years Old):  $0 for the first year

How to join the AWM

If you would like to join in the AWM’s efforts, please fill out this interest form and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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