By: Tom Dixon, Wyoming Business Council
January 18, 2017


The only magazine tough and reliable enough for the U.S. Marine Corps to carry into battle is the Magpul Industries GEN M3 Window PMAG, according to a recent Corps announcement.

This is the first time a U.S. military service branch has adopted any non-government rifle magazine.

The U.S. government spent several years testing various commercial magazines before coming to its conclusion the Magpul product prolonged weapon life and comfortably handled adverse conditions.

The PMAG easily passed the durability, rough handling, chemical compatibility, ultraviolet ray exposure, temperatures ranging below zero to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, dust cabinet and salt fog testing requirements the military threw its way.

Magpul conducted testing beginning in 2011, firing more than 500,000 rounds in the process. To date, the company has zero magazine-related stoppages in the tens of thousands of rounds of arsenal testing in different military weapons, according to Duane Liptak, director of product management and marketing for Magpul Industries. The company doubled the performance of the magazine in dirty conditions.

“This is great news to everyone at Magpul, and it validates years of hard work by our entire team perfecting and producing the most reliable magazines in the world,” LIptak said. “We are extremely proud to be serving the United States Marine Corps once again. Many of us here, including the founder, have roots in the Corps, and it means a great deal to us personally, as well as professionally.”

More manufacturers entered the market since Magpul started in 1999. Reviewers like to claim other products are just as good as Magpul, Liptak said.

“This testing and selection process, which included a very significant number of other magazines, puts those arguments to rest,” Liptak said. “The USMC could have easily approved several different magazines if others made the cut, but the message clearly states that we are the only magazine to meet the standards, and no other magazines are authorized, because nothing else met the requirements.”

Magpul employs nearly 400 people at its manufacturing and distribution facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The company moved from Colorado to Wyoming two years ago because of the state’s gun-friendly culture and business advantages.

The Wyoming Business Council, the state’s economic development agency, provided an $8.3 million grant to Laramie County for the purchase and retrofit of a building in the Cheyenne Business Parkway. Cheyenne LEADS, a local economic development organization, invested an additional $1.2 million.

Magpul also provided efficiency training for staff at every level of management and from every department. Manufacturing-Works, a Business Council partner, hosted the classes.

Since moving to Wyoming, Magpul has tripled its workforce and doubled its footprint.

Liptak said the Corps’ selection of Magpul’s magazine is yet another assurance the company is here to stay.

“We are quite likely the largest manufacturer of magazines in the world, and that’s because we have a fantastic team that truly understands firearm feeding,” Liptak said.