If you are a business owner and would like to start new initiatives this year that will bring uniqueness to your products and services and will result in increased profit, you are not alone.

As an entrepreneur or as an executive, you may already have several new ideas and are struggling with implementation. Or, perhaps your challenge lies in generating employee buy-in for your vision.

To address this and other business growth needs, this spring, Manufacturing-Works, your Wyoming NIST MEP Center is bringing you Innovation Training sessions at multiple locations.

What is it? It is a system that helps you increase your innovation speed while decreasing potential risks and it helps garner employee involvement.

Who is it for? The categories of businesses that have benefited from Innovation training are as varied as baby skin care products to concept cars, charity fundraising to online banking services, women’s health care to international business.

This business discipline is focused on helping you create, communicate and commercialize your meaningfully unique ideas, right away.

The training is designed to facilitate individuals, groups and the organization through the idea development process by methodically tackling challenges specific to your organization. Further, this system helps sustain the increased speed of growth and decreased risk resulting in increased sales and profit margins.

If you would like more information or if you want to register for one of the events, please email mwpartners@uwyo.edu.

Download the Innovation Training flier for all upcoming dates, times, and locations of innovation training opportunities:
Innovation Training Flier-PDF