ExporTech™ is a national export assistance program helping companies enter or expand in global markets. Jointly offered by the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, ExporTech™ applies a structured export strategy development process that assists 4-8 companies to accelerate growth. It is the only national program where each company develops a written export plan, that is vetted by a panel of experts upon completion. ExporTech™ efficiently connects companies with a wide range of world-class experts to help navigate the export sales process. The result is that companies rapidly expand global sales and save countless hours of effort.
Since 2007, 176 ExporTech™ programs have been delivered in 33 states and Puerto Rico with 915 participating companies.
Export Impacts

This graphic highlights the impacts of the ExporTech™ program. Exports are critical to the American economy: they stimulate economic growth, help to balance the trade deficit, and create jobs. For manufacturers, they open up new markets: 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the U.S. and while increasing sales is a top priority for many manufacturers, exporting also helps businesses to be more competitive and successful. Diversifying globally protects firms from slow-downs in any one country. International networking can lead to the development of new processes, technologies, skills, and product applications and engaging with customers overseas also spurs innovation.