Meet Joshua Watson- Account and Project Manager of the Laramie Region

As the newest employee at ManufacturingWorks, Josh began working with the company on April 1, 2019. While working in various jobs, Josh gained experience in retail management, operations management, human resources, and inventory management. With all of these areas of expertise and his knowledge of the Laramie area, Josh makes a great addition to the ManufacturingWorks’ team in his role.

When asked how his work at ManufacturingWorks helps clients, Josh stated, “I help discover the needs and root causes to the problems and concerns they have.”  He went on to explain that by doing this, he is able to “develop a plan to make them more efficient and competitive so that they can grow their business.”

Growing up, Josh worked with his grandpa on his farm and ranch. During his time on the ranch, Josh learned how to brand cows, haul hay on a semi, ride horses, and fix fences. Additionally, Josh was his grandpa’s “gopher” during the potato harvest. His responsibilities included driving a truck and tractor and getting parts and other equipment to the field. The work Josh did on the ranch and farm taught him the value of hard work.

After his work with his grandpa, Josh worked in many different industries, including the manufacturing, landscaping, construction, retail, food production, and medical industries. He also graduated from BYU-Idaho with a BS in Business Administration. After his time at school, Josh worked up the ranks to ultimately become the store manager at Walmart, Inc., one of the world’s largest retailers and a Fortune 500 company. At Walmart, Josh gained 15 years’ experience in retail operations, inventory, human resources, food sales, and managing through his roles as an hourly worker, a manager in training, an assistant manager, a co-manager, and finally, as a store manager.

Josh’s favorite hobbies include horseback riding, hunting, fishing, camping, and reloading. He also loves to watch his wife and five daughters participate in various sports, with the favorite being basketball.

When asked for his favorite quote, Josh provided the following: “No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.”

Josh enjoys many aspects of his job working at ManufacturingWorks. His favorites, however, are being “able to work with the manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and producers in the Laramie area and bringing a smile to their faces while representing ManufacturingWorks with integrity.” He also likes listening to the concerns of the businesses and helping them find a resolution. Finally, he loves that ManufacturingWorks allows him to spend more time with his family, ultimately giving him the flexibility to have a good work-life balance.

Written by: Scottlyn Wiggins, Marketing Intern at Manufacturing Works

Published: March 29th, 2019