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Increased sales by $2M

Founded in 1981, Sulzer Equipment Maintenance Services (EMS) provides support in manufacturing products for the mining and electric utility industries. The company also provides a full array of armatures and other customized parts as part of a machining operation that replaces OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts with more reliable, longer-lasting products. The company’s Gillette, Wyoming, facility employs 66 people.

Sulzer EMS was facing a downturn of the economy, along with decreased support for the energy industry. The company contacted Manufacturing Works to help revitalize their sales and marketing efforts.

Manufacturing Works linked EMS with a partner affiliate, Tom Reilly, president and founder of Tom Reilly Training. Tom provided training and workforce services in the form of sales classes to the company’s key staff. 

As a result of Manufacturing Works’ assistance, EMS reduced costs by revamping their marketing/sales department and employing new sales techniques.

  • Increased sales by $2M
  • Reduced costs by $50K
  • Created 3 jobs
  • Retained 3 jobs

“Manufacturing Works once again provided us invaluable training in marketing and sales, allowing us to make significant gains in our market share and profit margins by finding the right venues for promoting our product lines. Even with the continuing changes to the economy, we are certain we will continue to make significant gains in our marketplace based on the agility and application techniques we were taught.”

Todd Colbrese
CEO/General Manager


Saved $3.2M in operating costs

Established in 1938, Westech, Inc., services the mining, oil and gas, and construction industries, as well as many respected OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers)—including the production of a revolutionary new truck body system. Westech employs 185 people at its facility in Casper, Wyoming.

Westech made the strategic decision to implement Lean manufacturing throughout their operations. The company sought assistance from Manufacturing Works in finding an approach that would allow them to schedule sessions, revise, have continuous improvement opportunities, and maintain a long-term commitment with a professional organization that supported the manufacturing and heavy equipment industry.

Manufacturing Works trained several employees of Westech in Lean 101, then set the stage for future involvement with Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen for when the company matured in that direction and would require additional support. 

As a result of Manufacturing Works’ assistance, Westech put together a team of Lean champions who are driving Kaizen events and eliminating waste within all areas of the company.

  • Projected savings of $3.2M

“Even though our journey is in its infancy, we fully intend to tap many of the resources Manufacturing Works has to offer and have them continue training new employees as we grow. Their professionalism, flexibility and knowledge in Lean manufacturing will help us to succeed. It’s a privilege to work with these individuals.”

Shane J. Fox 
CMA, Vice President of Finance


Increased revenue by $5M

Britz & Company has a team with more than 75 combined years of experience in the laboratory animal science and biomedical research industry. Using their knowledge base, they design, develop, manufacture and install a comprehensive line of animal housing systems and animal care products for the biomedical research industry.

In 2016, the effects of the current administration had constrained the contracting market. As a small business, Britz & Company was challenged to generate revenues to keep the business thriving and vibrant; however, the market environment and some key changes in staffing had required the company’s CEO to shift significant amounts of senior management time to maintain existing customer relationships and support sales and service teams out in the field. 

As a result, the Britz & Company departmental managers were struggling for cohesiveness and leadership. 

That’s when owner/CEO William “Bill” Britz reached out to Manufacturing Works to provide management and leadership support, with the goal of restoring and maintaining a uniform direction.

After gaining understanding of the requirements through consultations with Mr. Britz, Manufacturing Works provided Britz & Company with a management and leadership consultant. 

First, the Manufacturing Works consultant addressed the serious issue of the overstretched CEO. At the time, Mr. Britz was not only supporting field sales and service with frequent travel, but also involved in weekly cash flow financial management, design and engineering work, and production and fulfillment management. With Briggs & Company being a small, family owned business, the consultant recommended recruiting Tamera Britz (the CEO’s spouse) to serve as CFO/COO. She was someone the CEO could absolutely trust with the day-to-day financials and cash flow challenges, as well as daily issues with production and fulfillment. Once implemented, this management decision provided Mr. Briggs relief to better focus on sales, marketing, custom design and engineering work. 

Additionally, as the Manufacturing Works consultant had past financial experience with Briggs & Company, the consultant was able to assist Mrs. Britz in quickly learning the company’s financial system processes and procedures. 

Next, the Manufacturing Works consultant and new CFO/COO worked together to create unity of effort amongst the departmental managers. As the Company’s internal staff had strengthened, the consultant’s work primarily focused on weaker areas involving market asset development. 

Today, Briggs & Company is much stronger and works better holistically as a team. In fact, the Manufacturing Works consultant continues to work with the company from time to time, challenging the CEO to address personal weak areas and serving as a sounding board for the CEO and CFO’s long-term directions and options for the company. 

  • Productivity increased 45% with a new leadership philosophy of unity of effort
  • Expanded markets, increasing revenues $5M and hiring 3 new employees
  • Ventured into new market,s increasing revenue stream $1M per annum
  • Saved $300K /year in training a new CFO/COO, who now directs daily operations
  • Freed up 50% CEO time to focus on customer base, as CFO runs daily OPs

“It’s great to work with Manufacturing Works-Wyoming, an organization that took time to learn about our business and understand our culture to better support our requirements. Our past working relationship with Manufacturing Works consulting is a force multiplier that produces intuitively positive solutions to challenging problems that produce mission success. Today, my company is much stronger and works better as a team. The value that Manufacturing Works and their consultants provided is highly valued and as such we continue to work with them.”

William “Bill” Britz

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