Download the CISA Secure Tomorrow Series toolkit

Jun 15, 2022 | Newsletter

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released their Secure Tomorrow Series toolkit, designed to increase risk awareness, identify risk mitigation solutions, and encourage systems-level thinking and long-term planning. 

Inside the toolkit, you’ll find game templates; facilitator, player, and controller guides; read-ahead materials; and other tools to self-facilitate 4 different activities: 

  • Scenarios workshop: Participants explore four different future scenarios (Life Under a Microscope, A Fragmented World, Deep Disinformation, and A New Wave of Cooperation), and identify a set of strategies that would most effectively mitigate risk across all the scenarios.
  • Threat timelines activity: Players generate fictional news headlines that describe future security threats to a particular technology or system. Through these headlines, players think about plausible futures, reflect on potential threats to critical infrastructure security and resilience; and identify corresponding mitigating actions that can be put into motion today.
  • Matrix games: Players tackle incidents and trends that could negatively affect the U.S. in the future and debate strategies to mitigate accompanying risks to critical infrastructure security and resilience.
  • Cross-impacts sessions: Participants brainstorm ideas on how key risk drivers to the three topics might affect different NCFs.

Click here to download the toolkit today.

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