Frog Creek Partners, LLC

Jun 15, 2022 | Wyoming Success Stories

“We had a cost saving of $17,000-20,000 in testing, consulting, and time saved because of MW. The potential ROI in profit will be up to $4 million in the next 3 to 5 years, when we start getting our product into the California market after MW helped with the certification and testing. I will continue to use MW for future products.”

Brian Deurloo

Frog Creek Partners CEO and Founder

Frog Creek Partners (FCP) is an environmental technology company that specializes in storm water filtration and pollution measurement services. Their flagship product is the patent-pending Gutter Bin storm-water filtration system. It is the most easily maintained and attractive storm water filter on the market. Because regulatory compliance is important, FCP’s unique products are designed to measure pollution captured from stormwater.



Frog Creek Partners (FCP) is seeking to expand their marketplace. Due to California Water Board Regulations all storm-water drains in the state will need to be 100% trash capture capable.



FCP worked with Manufacturing Works (MW), part of the MEP National Network, to determine the requirements for certification, how competitors became certified, and then assisted with the application for CA approval. During the process, MW found that several competitors performed in house testing or field verification of their product. FCP requested MW to research if 3rd party or in house testing was the best solution. Quotes were obtained for 3rd party lab testing, with approximate quotes in the $20,000

per device range. After analysis, MW advised FCP to perform in-house testing to verify the product lines were 100% trash capture capable prior to sending out for a 3rd-party analysis. FCP then worked with a professional engineer to design in-house testing facilities that would be adequate for base testing. Meanwhile, MW researched industry testing standards and devised a testing script based upon those standards.

$17-20,000 saved in consulting and testing fees per device tested

$4,000,000 California market now accessible

Recommended test scripts and processes for in-house testing expansion to the California market with potential for nationwide

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