Loya Machine

Sep 25, 2023 | Wyoming Success Stories

“Brunton is a Wyoming company with an emphasis on community. Loya Machine is of the same mindset and excited to partner and build components for such a world-class company.”

Russ Bedard

Owner, Loya Machine

Loya Machine, Inc., is a small but mighty machine shop located in Rock River, Wyoming. 

Established in Boise, Idaho, in 1981, Loya Machine has spent decades building their reputation machining complex, custom parts for discerning customers such as HP, Micron Technology and Boeing. A focus on consistent, quality work, along with a dedicated approach to strong customer service and relationship building, has established Loya as a trusted manufacturing partner.



Upon relocating the business to Rock River, Wyoming, in 2015 to be closer to family, Loya was open to attracting new, local business. 

By engaging with Manufacturing Works, part of the MEP National Network, and attending the Aerospace and Defense Conference in Casper, Wyoming, they were introduced to Brunton International, LLC, headquartered in Riverton, Wyoming, and known for their world-class transits and compasses.



By leveraging Manufacturing Works’ contacts and supply chain scouting expertise, Loya was introduced to Brunton, who wanted to re-shore their supply chain, preferably with a Wyoming manufacturer. Their Manufacturing Works account managers collaborated to connect these companies to help address both companies’ needs. 

This connection resulted in new business for Loya Machine and has established an ongoing partnership, as well as:

    1 new or retained job

    $70,000 in new investment

    $20,000 in new or retained sales

    Increased efficiency and productivity, thanks to a new CNC mill

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