Wyoming Innovators: Gold Spur Outfitters

Mar 1, 2023 | Manufacturing in Wyoming, Wyoming Innovators

On the business-to-consumer side, Laramie-based Gold Spur Outfitters offers full-service gunsmithing and metals treating.

In their newly developed business-to-business side, they’re bringing hot black oxide metal treatments to area manufacturers… and approaching their process in an innovative way. 

When developing this new service line, the Gold Spur Outfitters team led with the idea of working “outside in,” dynamically tailoring their offering to meet the needs of local manufacturers, rather than the other way around. 

What they heard from area manufacturers: Shipping costs to send product out of state for metal treatments were high, and supply chain disruptions and delays made the process take too long. 

With this feedback in mind, the Gold Spur team got to work on their plan.

By making hot black oxide treatments available in Laramie, Gold Spur Outfitters not only removed key pain points for the manufacturers they serve, but also added the benefits of: 

  • Eliminating the costs for transport and storing excess inventory (due to shipping delays)
  • Making finished goods available sooner 
  • Reducing a key barrier to entry to the need for increased manufacturing in Wyoming

The future of our industry belongs to the innovators; those who dare to disrupt the “normal order” and dynamically—as well as creatively—adapt to solve current and future needs. 

With this new service for Wyoming manufacturers, Gold Spur Outfitters has accomplished both. 

For more information on their black oxide coating treatment, and how your business can benefit from it, click here to email Gold Spur Outfitters CEO Lloyd Baker.  

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